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Concentric reduce smls or welded SB366 UNS N06022 (C22) SCH160

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Product Description:

Concentric reduce smls or welded SB366 UNS N06022 (C22) SCH160 

Hastelloy C-22 is almighty nickel - chromium - molybdenum - tungsten alloy, and have an overall better corrosion resistance than other existing nickel chromium molybdenum alloy, Hastelloy C-276, C4 alloy and alloy 625. HASTELLOY C-22 has good resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. It has excellent antioxidant capacity, including wet chlorine, nitric acid or mixed acid containing chloride ions. HASTELLOY C-22 has the ability to resist the grain boundary precipitation in the welding heat affected zone, so that it can be used in many chemical processes in the welding state.

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